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Low DocOnce you selected the right car for your business,financing
that purchase can be daunting with all the products on the
market.Which one is best for me? How can I maximise the
tax benefits? My tax returns are not up to date,does that
mean,no loan for me or will I pay higher interest?

All good questions and ones not to be taken lightly especially
if the purchase price of your car was $50,000 plus
,so who do
you go to for the right answers that benefit you and not someone else?
You go to a independent finance professional who has industry experience of 25 years and
has thousands of happy clients Australia wide and answers these questions every day.

CarsnCash has the experience to put your mind at rest and in this post we are going to point
out a effective way to finance your important business asset your motor vehicle without the
need for income verification.The loan we be talking about is low doc.

Low Doc was introduced by lending institutions 10 years ago and is similar to Low Doc home
loans where you can obtain approval at bank rates without needing to produce tax returns.
So if you can tick the boxes on the following eight lending guidelines,then you are approved!

  Your ABN to be aged for two years and be GST registered.
 Vehicle to be no older than four years of age at loan inception.
   Vehicle to be purchased through a licenced dealer or licenced auction house.
⇒  Private sales not applicable.
  Maximum amount lent $100,000.
  No deposit for asset backed applicants.
  30% deposit for non asset backed applicants.
⇒  Clear Veda file.

We lend Australia wide,so if you would like to discuss how we can assist your vehicle purchase
then please contact us or call us anytime on 0418 266 994.













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