Can I apply online for finance?

Yes,the easiest way to apply for finance is online.As our consultants can commence the processing of your application faster.However,if you prefer to speak to a consultant over the phone,then we encourage you to contact us on 0418 266 994.

What’s next?

We will contact you with a follow up call,to fill in any blanks and answer any queries you have.

How long does it take for a approval?

Once we have a completed application,and supporting documentation received from you,approvals are normally issued within 24 hours.

Do you finance anywhere is Australia?

Yes,all states and territories of Australia.

Do you finance private sale?

Yes,we finance dealer – auction – private sale.

What is the maximum amount that can be borrowed?

On passenger cars,$150,000.

What if I have current/previous bad credit?

We are here to secure the right finance package for every client.So yes,we will secure finance for you,even if you have bad credit.The exception is current bankrupt’s

What is the current interest rate?

Our interest rates commence at 7.75%,to approved purchasers and subject to credit criteria.Each application will be assessed on it’s merits,and will warrant a competitive interest rate.

Are additional fees charged?

We do not charge any fees.However the approving lenders will charge a application fee and statutory goverment fees may be included.

Are credit checks made on my credit file?

Yes,all applications are subject to a credit check.This process will determine,the best deal that can be obtained.

Do you finance goods other than cars?

Yes,we specialise in financing vans,utilities,all classes of trucks,trailers,earthmoving and warehouse equipment and general machinery.

Is my approval still valid,if I change cars?

Yes,we will just need to value the new security.

How long is my finance approval valid for?

Normally 30 days.

I am Self-Employed.My tax returns are not up to date.Do I qualify for a loan?

Yes…most definately.We have been financing the self employed with “low-doc” loans for many years.

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