Bad Credit Loans

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Bad Credit LoansBeen to the bank to finance your business vehicle,and the
answer was NO! due to that default,court judgement or
discharged bankruptcy,and don’t know where to go from here?

Well we try our best to say YES!! although depending on the
severity of the credit impairment will depend on the action
needed to be taken to correct it.

There are different categories of credit impairments and lenders look at each one differently.

Minor Defaults
Some examples are failure to pay phone,electricity or credit cards.

Major Defaults
Arrears on mortgages or rent,loan arrears or civil action.

Court Judgements and Discharged Bankruptcy
These are the most severe of credit impairments and if the court judgement remains unpaid,
the possibility of further finance is remote.

CarsnCash has been assisting clients with bad credit loans for over 25 years,and we usually
have a lender from our select panel who will assist in giving you that second chance you deserve.

Everyone has gone through a rough patch in their life,whether it be a divorce,seperation,loss
of job or financial hardship and these events have impacted lives that lead to matters
spiralling out of control such as arrears on loans,or mortgage/rent.

When attempting to re establish your credit rating,please be aware that a lender will require a
reasonable deposit put down on the vehicle purchase.So please accept equity will be required
in the form of a 20% cash deposit or the equivalent in a unencumbered late model motor
vehicle or a suitable truck,that will be used as additional loan security.

We have packages available to get you back on your feet today and that second chance is just
a call away,so if that car is needed to grow your business and a cash purchase is out of the
question,give the team at CarsnCash today on 0418 266 994 or contact us online.


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